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Für Euch alle ist sie nur „just another little girl“.
Sie ist nun schon 6 Jahre auf dieser Erde – und sie hat Hoffnung.
Diese Hoffnung möchte sie in die Welt tragen.

Tumaini, unser AIDS Waisenhaus
hat uns dieses Gedicht über sie geschickt:


„If you could see beyond her smile,
The pain she hides so well,
She has no Father to name,
Lost her Mother to AIDS,
Deep inside these beautiful eyes,
This little girl cries.

Not knowing when its time to die,
All she has in her life is her sister Kadzo.
Who for a year has carried her by her side,
Loving her, caring for her all day and night.
They were both born with HIV,
But still children to you and me,
So I ask and plead with you all,
To stop this pain from carrying on;
Give a little something to these children,
And we help giving them a happier and longer life.“

Please give a little to Mercy and Kedzo.
Geben Sie Hoffnung weiter.

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